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Essential Guide From Tyres 2 U to Keep The Tyres Running for Long

To describe in one word, tyres are the “fundamentals” of a vehicle; and, this is why it is essential to take good care of them. Keeping them in better state will ensure that your car or bike runs faster, smoother and farther! You can be subjected to costly repairs if you do not take care of the tyres; and, at the same time, the risk of fatal accidents increases to manifolds. Here are a few tips from the experts of Tyres 2 U which will help you keep the tyres working for longer! Read on to know more.

Check tyre pressure

The tyre inflation will have significant impact on the performance of the car. If it is over inflated or under inflated, there will be issues with the steering and brakes. Also, having wrong inflation will lead to more fuel consumption. This is why it is suggested that you check the pressure regularly and maintain specified air pressure for optimum performance and enhanced durability.

Threat from the tread

It is essential for every car owner to know that the tread depth should be at least 1.6mm on the tyre. Going below that limit would mean the tyres need to be changed right away. It is suggested that you do not drive with such tread depth as it will lead to accidents. You will also fail the MOT test with treads depth lesser then 1.6mm.

Avoid overloading

Keep in mind that over-loading your car will lead to excessive wear on the tyres due to the over-heating. It can lead to tyre explosion and increase chances of road accidents. Keep a note of the tyre load index and make sure that you do not exceed the limit.

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