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Factors Responsible for Better Condition of Tyres

A common question in the minds of car drivers is how many miles should I get from the tyres? The answer is based on many factors:
•The construction and quality of the tyre
•The compounds your tyre is made of
•The suitability of your tyre to your vehicle
•The age and condition of the tyres
•Your geographic and atmospheric condition
For the above mentioned pointerspointers, it is important to buy the tyres from a reputed reputablecompany. Tyres It must suit your vehicle. Tyres are custom made to ensure its longevity. It is advisable not to buy second hand tyres as there is no guarantee of quality and performance andperformance and it may cost you more in the long run. The other two aspects for the proper functioning of the tyres are:
How well you maintain your tyrestires?
•Your driving style
•Tyre maintenance
Give your tyres a thorough check up every few weeks to ensure smooth functioning.
•Tread depth: To be safe the tread depth of your tyres need to be at least1.6 mm. This can easily be checked by inserting a 20p piece into the tread. If the outer rim on the face of the coin is visible, you need to get your tyres changed.
•Inflation: To check the ideal inflation of your tyres look at the user manual and confirm. Air machines are readily available at every petrol station and are easy to use.
•General condition: Look for any tears, slashes, protrusions, nails or bulges. Take them to your local service station for any kind of repair or change that is required.
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